Braces Fetish - What Is It And Do You Have One?

Written by Paul Tyler

What is a Braces Fetish?

A person is usually considered as having a fetish (or sexual fetish) when they experience sexual arousal from a physical object or specific situation. This object or situation is called the fetish.

In the case of a braces fetish, the object is obviously the braces, or the person wearing the braces. When someone has a braces fetish, they are usually aroused by someone else wearing dental braces on their teeth. This is typically a male interested in a female with braces.

However, there have also been cases documented of females being attracted to males (and also other females) wearing braces.

For the person with the fetish to experience sexual arousal, they need to see the braces. They depend on the braces for tactile and visual stimulation. Whether it's a male seeing a girl with braces in the flesh, or watching porn where the models are wearing braces, the braces need to be visible in order for the subject to be aroused.

Exploring the Braces Fetish

What is it that attracts a lot of men to girls with braces?

Braces are a fetish like any other fetish which means that a person is sexually aroused by non-human objects.

However, many men with this fetish claimed to only be aroused by pretty girls with braces, and not by other subjects such as older women or men with braces. This begs the question - is this in fact a braces fetish or a fetish of younger and/or attractive girls?

To find out more, we looked into a few cases that provided some insight into the mind of someone with a fetish for girls with braces. Below are some of the reasons they gave for their fetish:

  • Some men felt that braces enhanced a girl's beauty by adding a 'sparkle' or 'bling effect' to her smile. Others claimed to like the 'puffy' effect the braces had on the woman's lips, making them appear fuller.
  • Some interviewees had dated a girl with braces when they were younger. The sight of braces seemed to trigger an emotional connection to that past relationship which caused the subject to feel an instant attraction to any girl with braces that they encountered.
  • On a predatory level, some men found themselves attracted to girls with braces because they felt like the girls would feel more vulnerable due to their insecurity and self-consciousness relating to their braces. Thus they would be 'easier' to seduce. Many men are also naturally inclined to want to 'fix' or protect a woman that is 'broken' or vulnerable and a girl with braces seems to induce a similar response.
  • There were also many cases where the man was truly only interested or fixated on the actual braces and not the female.

So it would appear that there are quite a few different reasons and situations where a man can be considered to have a braces fetish.

How to tell if you have a Braces Fetish

Probably the best way to determine if you have a braces fetish is if:

  • You find a female more attractive with braces, than if she didn't have
  • You are more sexually aroused by the presence of braces than without
  • You like the content on this website ;)

If you find a girl with braces sexually attractive, but would still find her equally attractive without the braces, then you do not have a braces fetish, but rather just a taste for beautiful and sexy women.

The biggest website we could find that caters to this braces fetish market is Babes With Braces, which solely caters to this niche. They have a wide variety of content and models, all with braces. If you find the content on this website more sexually appealing than normal porn, then I think it is safe to say you may have a braces fetish.


Compared to other fetishes, a braces fetish is still relatively tame. While it may not have been as common place many years ago, it seems like more and more people are admitting to this odd fetish more recently.

As long as your fetish is for the braces, and not for young girls, then I am sure that this is a harmless, even healthy fetish - so have fun and enjoy it.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article is not a psychologist or medical expert and most of this article is based on research and personal experiences.

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