Meet Christina Model - A Vintage Babe With Braces With Beautiful Bouncy Breasts And A Big Booty

Christina Model is a busty adult pinup model that has been teasing men with her beautiful bouncy breasts and big booty for years.

While she has gone fully nude on some occasions, she is known for teasing and not completely removing all of her clothes.

She is famous for her bouncy 34DD breasts, which can be seen on her website as well as all over Youtube.You can view one of her bouncy boobs compilations here: Christina Huge Bouncing Boobs Vid Mix

When Christina Model was younger she also had braces and these pics here are from back then, making her a vintage Babe With Braces. If you you want to see more of this busty babe, just search online and you will find lots of her stuff. 

Meet Christina Model Photo 01
Meet Christina Model Photo 02
Meet Christina Model Photo 03